DCC RPG Resources

Below is a compilation of resources useful for Goodman Games' Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG

DCC RPG Reference Booklet (Free PDF | Print On Demand | Print Book from Goodman Games)
Updated and expanded reference booklet with all the commonly-used charts and tables.

DCC RPG Reference Booklet in Spanish (Free PDF | Print On Demand)
Brought to you by Other-Selves. Please visit their site for all your Spanish-language DCC RPG needs!

DCC RPG Character Sheet (PDF | Excel File)
A portrait-oriented character sheet, somewhat influenced by the style of a standard 3E/Pathfinder character sheet.

More Sheets:
DCC RPG Character Sheet (Generic)
DCC RPG Character Sheet (Cleric)
DCC RPG Character Sheet (Thief)
DCC RPG Character Sheet (Wizard/Elf)

DCC Monster Helper (PDF)
This one-page document can be used to help quickly convert old-fashioned D&D/AD&D monsters to be used with DCC.

Wandering Monster Charts for Use with Pathfinder Bestiary (PDF)
Just what it says!

Demonland Supplement (PDF)
A little hack for some slightly darker S&S-style adventures.

Mole-Man Character Class (PDF)
Was created for Secret Santicore 2012.

Monk Class (PDF)
A monk for DCC!

Below are links to spell charts that I've reformatted wherever the ones in the book span across multiple pages. I've gotten them down to fit on a single page wherever possible. These spell charts are copyright © 2012 Goodman Games, reprinted with permission.

1st-Level Cleric Spells
Blessing PDF | ODT
Detect Magic PDF | ODT

1st-Level Wizard Spells (Patron Bond/Invoke Patron not included due to the variable nature of those spells.)
Animal Summoning PDF | ODT
Cantrip PDF | ODT
Charm Person PDF | ODT
Comprehend Languages PDF | ODT
Ekim's Mystical Mask PDF | ODT
Enlarge PDF | ODT
Feather Fall PDF | ODT
Find Familiar PDF | ODT
Magic Missile PDF | ODT
Mending PDF | ODT
Sleep PDF | ODT
Spider Climb PDF | ODT
Ventriloquism PDF | ODT
Ward Portal PDF | ODT

2nd-Level Wizard Spells
Monster Summoning PDF | ODT
Strength PDF | ODT

3rd-Level Wizard Spells
Slow PDF | ODT

DCC RPG Ref Sheets OLD VERSION (PDF | Word Document)
Print your own digest-sized booklet with all the commonly-used tables. Use Adobe Reader's booklet printing function for best results. Updated May 10, 2012.

Ref Sheet Booklet Cover FOR USE WITH OLD VERSION
Our good friend Reverend Dak has made an excellent cover document for use with the ref sheets. Just print it out on cardstock and you have yourself a handsome little booklet!