Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chaotic Caves of Weirdness: Cave A - Kobold Lair

Holy crap, there's going to be some ACTUAL GAMING CONTENT here!

Cave A - Kobold Lair

In my fledgling Outland B/X campaign, we have started out with Keep on the Borderlands. None of our group has actually ever played it, so it seemed like a good choice. However, one thing I quickly realized is that I was going to have to add some flavor to keep my players interested. Running around slaying kobolds/orcs/goblins, etc. is old hat for us, even if old school gaming is not.

So I set out to spice up the caves, and have now dubbed them The Chaotic Caves of Weirdness. While I am certain that every referee that has run this module has pretty much done the same, I figured I'd try documenting my changes to see if anyone else liked them. If you are an experienced referee that is good at making up details on the fly, this will probably be of no use to you. But if you are looking for a few ideas, or maybe want something more fully fleshed-out, then you might be interested.

Click to Download PDF: Chaotic Caves of Weirdness: Cave A - Kobold Lair

Please let me know what you think - good, bad, or indifferent.

As a side note, the party in my game is currently hunting humanoids in the caves and collecting left ears for a 10 gp bounty for each turned in at the keep. The keep wants to build surrounding farms but can't at the moment due to the humanoid infestation. I wonder what they'll do with the kobold babies...