Friday, April 15, 2011

Help Aplus Keep Up!

If you are a blogger, then it is of course your right to set up your blog however you see fit. However, I would just like to voice my opinion as a reader of blogs, that I much prefer to be able to read full posts from within my reader. I follow a TON of blogs, and there is just no way in hell I can visit the actual page for every post I would like to read.

Maybe some of you do this on purpose, to coax people into visiting your page, but perhaps some of you are just doing this without even knowing it. In the latter case, here is how to fix it:

Just go to settings tab, choose site feed, and make sure Full is selected. Click save, and bam, you're done! You've just made it easier for people to read all that stuff you've spent so much time typing!

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to make this change.

P.S. - I don't know jack about the inner workings of RSS feeds, etc. and as a result I'm not sure why anyone would want only part of their posts to show in a reader. However, I'm curious to know, and I'm sure there is some valid reason, so please share that info if you are a blog wizard!