Monday, August 13, 2012

Outland's Quarterly Campaign Newsletter

So last week, Alan Grohe pointed us odd74 readers to this dude's blog. I loved the idea of the campaign newsletter thing, so I immediately started working on one.

I have multiple groups, and I believe the sharing of information to be a good thing - conducive to meaningful choices regarding adventures the groups choose to undertake. However, I always have a lot on my mind at the beginning of a session, people have questions that need answering, I need to get my stuff situated and so forth, so it's very easy to forget to share information regarding recent events in the setting.

Further, I loathe writing session reports, and I have yet to encounter much in the way of players that are interested in writing them.

I figured a short, infrequent newsletter would allow me to share a snapshot of happenings in the campaign with the players, and wouldn't be too tedious an undertaking for me.

Here is my first stab at it:
Xusael's Unblinking Eye: Issue 1