Monday, April 24, 2023

Free Adventure Spotlight: The Rise and Fall of Zamzer

 Many, many years ago I downloaded a copy of this adventure and printed and stapled my own digest booklet of it. A few years back, during the shelter-in-place times, my friends and I started a weekly gaming group over zoom, and I finally got around to running it. It was a good "escape from the dungeon" adventure, and it had many of the qualities I appreciate most:

  • Short, easy to read and comprehend
  • DIY art
  • Formatted for booklet printing
  • Free!

We had a great evening of fun with it, and I also enjoyed the story behind the booklet, which you can read about and get your own copy here. In a nutshell, the author found some of his old drawings from a game long ago, and was inspired to create an adventure based on them. I think it's really cool when we come across some of our personal gaming relics and ephemera, and do some work to breathe new life into them. I've recently been digging through my own archives and pulling out old partial maps and half-baked ideas to integrate into my current campaign. There's something very satisfying about it.