Outland OD&D Game

The original post announcing the game can be found HERE.

Here are links to the materials for my Outland OD&D game. You don't have to read any of this stuff. All you have to do is show up and play, and I will explain things as needed. It's here anyways just in case you want to take a look...

New! Marv was kind enough to hook us up with our own sub-forum over on the OD&D boards. Check it out HERE and chat about your adventures. Feel free to post any questions there as well.

Zero-Level Character Sheet
Outland OD&D+Chainmail Character Sheet

Zero-Level Play
The Races of Outland

Saving Throws

Spell Lists: All the spells listed in Men & Magic and Supplement I: Greyhawk.
    Game Store Game Flyer

    Session Reports (some include maps)
    Outland Session 1
    Outland Session 2
    Outland Session 3