Friday, February 25, 2011


I was looking over Sword & Magic: Adventures on Fomalhaut and I saw the appendix of "Recommended Media". The very last thing listed is "Zardoz". What is this Zardoz? I asked myself. I had seen the crazy picture of Sean Connery - one of my players even uses it as his avatar on our forums - but I never really knew what it was. So, I downloaded it and made my wife watch it with me. She was quite busy playing Bejeweled Blitz on her laptop in the kitchen, so I had to remind her that her presence was requested in the living room like six or seven times before she finally joined me.

I won't bother trying to summarize it, as you can find that sort of thing elsewhere easily here or here or even here. All I will say is that we had a good time watching it. We sort of got into a little bit of MST3K-style commentary a few times, but mostly just sat in shock wondering what kind of weird shit was going to happen next.

Verdict: 3-1/2 Bandoliers

Watch this movie if: You like small 70's boobies, sci-fi movies extremely light on the sci part, or riding on horses and catching women in nets sounds like good sport to you.