Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Few DCC Spells

I've made my first attempt at converting a few Pathfinder/SRD spells to DCC as a part of my efforts to convert my home campaign to DCC rules (or at least some sort of Pathfinder/DCC Frankenstein game).

You can take a look at them here:

Entangle - Level 1 Wizard Spell
Mirror Image - Level 2 Wizard Spell
Scorching Ray - Level 2 Wizard Spell

Entangle is technically a druid spell, but a gnome sorcerer with the fey bloodline has it in our game. I kind of de-naturified it (see the manifestations), so it could be perfectly suitable for pretty much any type of caster. A funny thing - I always thought this spell was only usable outdoors, but I see no mention of such a limitation in the PF rules. It's obviously going to be strongest outdoors, given it's large area of effect, but I decided not to impose any sort of outdoors-only limitation on it.

Mirror Image is not super-exciting in the Pathfinder game, but it's terribly effective at keeping casters alive. Nothing fancy in my implementation here, but I think I gave it some pretty cool manifestations and a nice capstone effect.

Scorching Ray was pretty much ripped straight from the GaryCon playtest scan over on Jeff's Gameblog. I just changed it a bit, since I was thinking getting a cone when you are expecting a ray could be bad business. However, now, as I am typing this, it just occurred to me that perhaps that was the intent of the design. "Oh look, you got a really good spell check, you just fried your friends!"

Also, note the slight difference in presentation. I tried to put all the basic information about the spell in the general description, and include only the variable stuff in the table. Goodman has already stated that they are going to move toward this style of presentation, in order to avoid having to read several chained entries that say, "As above, plus this other stuff, too."

None of these spells have been playtested yet, but if you use them, please let me know how they work out for you. Also, if you find anything that looks glaringly stupid, I'd like to know that as well.


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