Friday, June 3, 2011

The Obsession

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So now it's been about 13 months since I started getting back into RPGs. When I started, I had nothing. I was just looking at my shelf and was kind of shocked at how much stuff I've accumulated over that short amount of time. So I figured I'd list it all out so I could look at it next time I get the urge to buy something, and ask myself whether or not I really need it.

D&D 4E (I've since sold all these back to FLGS for store credit)
  • Player's Handbook
  • Dungeon Master Guide
  • Monster Manual
  • Player's Handbook (yes, a second copy)
  • Player's Handbook 2
  • Player's Handbook 3
Pathfinder / Paizo

Core Books
  • Core Rulebook
  • Bestiary
  • Bestiary 2
  • GameMastery Guide
Chronicles / Campaign Setting
  • Inner Sea World Guide Hardcover
  • Guide to Darkmoon Vale
  • Seekers of Secrets - A Guide to the Pathfinder Society
  • City of Strangers
  • Book of the Damned Vol. I
  • Book of the Damned Vol. II
  • Rival Guide
Player Companion (Subscriber)
  • Adventurer's Armory
  • Gnomes of Golarion
  • Dwarves of Golarion
  • Halflings of Golarion
  • Orcs of Golarion
  • Faiths of Purity
  • Inner Sea Primer
  • Cheliax, Empire of Devils
  • Sargava, the Lost Colony
Adventure Path (Subscriber)
  • Rise of the Runelords - part 2
  • Council of Thieves - parts 3 through 6
  • Serpent's Skull - parts 1 through 6
  • Carrion Crown - parts 1 through 4
Modules (Subscriber)
  • Carrion Hill
  • Curse of the Riven Sky
  • Master of the Fallen Fortress (from Free RPG Day 2010)
  • Cult of the Ebon Destroyers
  • The Godsmouth Heresy
  • Tomb of the Iron Medusa
  • The Haunted Forest
GameMastery Stuff
  • About 8 or so FlipMats
  • Council of Thieves Item Deck
  • Rise of the Runelords Item Deck
  • Condition Cards
  • Harrow Deck
Pathfinder Tales (Subscriber)
  • All of them
Planet Stories (Subscriber)
  • Sojan the Swordsman / Under the Warrior Star
  • Battle in the Dawn: The Complete Hok the Mighty
  • Hunt the Space Witch!
HeroLab Character Creation Software w/ Bestiary Expansion

Miniatures (all this and I've only painted like 5 minis since Christmas)
  • About 500 or 600 plastic D&D Minis
  • About 2 dozen reaper minis
  • Reaper Master Series paint starter set (50-some-odd bottles)
  • Several Kolinsky brushes of various sizes from 2 to 10/0, plus many crap brushes for mixing, etc.
  • Flow improver, drying retarder, all that stuff
  • White P3 primer, a few cans of testor's dullcote, glues of various sorts, green stuff
  • pinning set, sculpting tools, jeweler's files, steel wool, etc.
  • several different types of bases
Older D&D Stuff
  • Holmes Basic (book only)
  • Moldvay Basic (book only)
  • Cook/Marsh Expert (book only)
  • Rules Cyclopedia (signed by Frank Mentzer at GaryCon III!)
  • AD&D Player's Handbook (2nd cover)
  • AD&D Dungeon Master Guide (original cover)
  • AD&D Monster Manual II
  • AD&D Deities & Demigods (non-Cthulhu version, signed by Jim Ward at GaryCon III!)
  • AD&D Unearthed Arcana
  • AD&D 2nd Edition DMG
  • D&D 3.0 Monster Manual
  • 3E Ghostwalk supplement
  • 3E Serpent Kingdoms supplement
  • 3E Basic Game box set (bought it for the minis)
  • Metamorphosis Alpha 4th edition (for the soon-to-be-starting game with Jim Ward!)
 OSR Stuff (print versions)
  • OSRIC Hardcover (Black Blade/Usherwood, beautiful book!)
  • Lamentations of the Flame Princess Grindhouse Box Set
  • Vornheim Hardcover
  • Swords & Wizardry Complete (flawed hardcover, it's a piece of shit, but the content is great)
  • Swords & Wizardry White Box BHP Boxed Set (3rd printing)
  • The Dungeon Alphabet (this one gets good use)
  • Stonehell Dungeon
  • B/X Companion (not a big fan of this one)
  • Pod Caverns of the Sinister Shroom
  • Skull Mountain
  • Charnel Crypt of the Sightless Serpent
  • 2 different versions of OD&D single-volume, fan-made books
Self-Printed and Bound PDFs
  • Labyrinth Lord (purchased PDF, spiral-bound)
  • Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion (purchased PDF, spiral-bound)
  • Labyrinth Lord Original Edition Characters (purchased PDF, saddle-stitched digest)
  • Realms of Crawling Chaos (purchased PDF, saddle-stiched digest)
  • 4x Labyrinth Lord player books (first 60 pages, 3x spiral-bound, 1x saddle-stitched digest)
  • Mutant Future (purchased PDF, spiral-bound)
  • 3x S&W Complete player books (first 74 pages, spiral-bound)
  • Swords & Wizardry Core, 3rd printing (spiral-bound)
  • Swords & Wizardry White Box (Purchased the BHP Printable digest-size booklets PDF, printed a few copies of the first 2 books for friends and a complete set for myself)
  • LotFP Grindhouse Rules & Magic (8.5x11 spiral-bound, got anxious waiting for the shipment from Finland)
  • Hammers of the God (purchased PDF, saddle-stitched digest)
  • The Grinding Gear (saddle-stitched digest)
  • Tower of the Stargazer (saddle-stitched digest)
  • Basic Fantasy RPG and selected supplements (spiral-bound)
  • Holmes Level 12 (spiral-bound)
  • AD&D3 by Chris Perkins (spiral-bound)
  • OD&D LBBs, Greyhawk, Blackmoor, Eldritch Wizardry (saddle-stitched digest)
  • Supplement V: Carcosa (saddle-stitched digest)
  • Barbarians of Lemuria (spiral-bound)
  • TSR Adventure Compilation: B1, B4, X2 and I1 (spiral-bound)
  • Old-School Encounters netbook by Kellri (spiral-bound)
  • Old-School Spells Reference netbook by Kellri (spiral-bound)
  • People of Pembrooktonshire & No Dignity in Death (spiral-bound)
  • B2 (tossed in binder)
  • Death Frost Doom (tossed in binder)
  • Knowledge Illuminates (tossed in a binder)
  • That Last Priest of Sebek adventure Matt Finch was giving away in exchange for Japan relief donations (tossed in a binder)
  • -C's Psionics book (saddle-stitched digest)
  • A ton of Dyson Logos' stuff printed in various forms
  • Al's Monsterless Manual (saddle-stitched digest)
  • 3x Encounter Critical (saddle-stitched digest)
  • Draft version of a not-to-be-named RPG that is fucking awesome (spiral-bound)
Dice and Accessories
  • Pound of Chessex Dice
  • Pound of GameScience precision dice, uninked (what a pain in the ass!)
  • 12-die zocchi set (again uninked. note to self: buy inked dice for the sake of your sanity)
  • Chessex erasable battlemat
  • Dixon Ticonderoga #2 HB pencils (nothing but the best!)
  • Various wet and dry erase markers
  • Many binders packed with stuff
  • 3-hole punch
  • Long-reach stapler (best investment ever, $11 from amazon)
  • Several dozen works of fiction, mostly Appendix N-type stuff
  • Tons of notebooks, sketch pads, graph paper, god-knows-what-else
Digital Collection
  • My RPG folder on my server (yes, I run a file server in the basement) clocks in at 109GB of space occupied by RPG PDFs of all sorts.

So yeah, basically, I have way more stuff than I could ever possibly use, and I find myself continually shopping around for more. I'm sure there's more stuff than even listed here because I am just typing this off the top of my head.

So, my question is, are we all like this, or should I be seeking professional help? At least when I played World of Warcraft, it was only $15/month!

Alright, gotta go look for more stuff to buy!


  1. That's a pretty intense pile o' stuff, but you seem to be missing a Miscellaneum of Cinder.

  2. Good catch. I had never heard of it, likely since it was released prior to my re-entry into the world of imaginary monster-killing. At any rate, the situation has been corrected, and another 338K has been added to my RPG folder. Disaster averted.

  3. Re the Misc. of Cinder - Best Damn dollar I ever spent on a PDF!

    Yeah, I think we all like buying gaming stuff! Why not? It's fun. In spite of the Mortgage, I still have way more disposable income than I did as a teenager. Might as well have some fun with it.

  4. The Misc of Cinder? Tell me more please. And yup, I buy more mini's and supplements in a month now as an adult than I could in a couple of years as a teenager. And I have the metal mountain and unread books pile to show for it.

  5. I'm fairly certain we're all like that. I think it's because we want to use it all and unlike WOW it's possible you could not very probable but possible