Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Adventure Time RPG (again)

Remember last year when this guy put out this awesome piece of work?

I do.

I love the concept 1000000%, but I'm not a big 4E fan, and a tactical skirmish game seems like maybe not the best framework for Adventure Time, at least for my own tastes.

TOON seems like a much better choice for my own gaming, especially considering the fact that my daughter is 4, and if I tried to explain the intricacies of 4E to her without throwing 90% of it out the window, she would give me that look she gives me. If you are a nerd and have kids, and occasionally try to get them excited about your nerdy interests, you know the look I'm talking about. The one that's like, "Daddy, WTF is WRONG with you?"

Actually what I'm posting is nothing new. I already did it here. It's just that my daughter and her friend have been asking me to play lately, so I figured I'd work up a new character sheet, stick the "Adventure Time" logo on it, and put the "rules" on a separate page. It's only become Adventure Time because that's what the girls call it and they generally pick their characters from the show.

Anyways, here's the updated PDF. The original 4E version done by that dude is still a great resource to have, since it has a ton of setting info in it, ideas for weird powers, and lots of great art to extract from the PDF in case you want to make props or something like that. It wouldn't hurt a bit to have a copy of TOON by Steve Jackson Games around either, considering the many wonderful charts it contains.


  1. That's really slick. Adventure Time makes me wish I had television - almost. Good Post.

  2. That sheet is much better! What it lacks in background info, it makes-up in raw openendedness -- if your seen the cartoon, then you'll know what you want. Great work!

    It would be nice to have a system-neutral source book for it's own sake, or even one of those lavishly illustrated DK-styled guide books, but the 4e book works just as fine.


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