Friday, May 31, 2013

Skullfuck Mountain Rumors

Assuming the PCs made it back to town at the end of their previous adventure (and woe to them if they didn't!) each PC may attempt to gain a rumor concerning the dungeon at the beginning of a session by making a charisma check. The veracity of any of these claims is questionable, of course.

  1. There are hidden entrances to The Underworld scattered about the mountainside and environs.
  2. The Underworld is sentient, and despises uncertainty in those who enter. (Specifically, the phrase "I don't know.")
  3. When a corpse is abandoned in The Underworld, it can sometimes be found again, but with the skull missing. The skin of the head will be completely intact. How the skull is extracted is a mystery.
  4. Compasses are unreliable in The Underworld.
  5. Salt can be used to repel the unliving.
  6. All water found in The Underworld is either poisonous or magical.
  7. Blasphemous writings read aloud may be detrimental to your health.
  8. Burning sage will keep a cleared room free of new monsters for at least one year.
  9. Goblins' feet are the most sensitive parts of their body, much like a man's testicles.
  10. Iselda, the witch of the lake, is known to make deals with those desperate for a cure of some sort. Her price is always high, but it is never money.
  11. The League of Ordinary Gentlemen is secretly run by a mad hermit that lives in the woods on the NW side of the lake.
  12. Drunk Willy claims that he saw a periscope peeping up from the well one night last week. He swears it was a goblin, but no one believes him.
  13. Funzie Girt (of Funzie Girt's Gear Garage) is a failed blacksmith.
  14. Many denizens of The Underworld recoil from bright light.
  15. A ghoul-bear is said to haunt the swamplands on the east side of the lake, but no man has seen it and lived to tell.
  16. An ancient wyrm resides in one of the deepest parts of Skullfuck Mountain. She hasn't been sighted in over 100 years, nor will anyone utter her name for fear of waking her. Some say her lair can be reached through the volcanic crater atop the mountain.
  17. There are portals to other worlds within Skullfuck Mountain. Some say the original tunnels were built by alien beings.
  18. Those that go deep enough into Skullfuck Mountain will find themselves in Hell.
  19. Any who dare to sleep within the depths of Skullfuck Mountain will find themselves in a Dreamlands version of The Underworld, which is far more strange and horrible than the waking version.
  20. Somewhere within the eye-caves are a matched pair of gem-encrusted phallus-statues; one ruby and one emerald. Lady Sluthers (of Lady Sluthers' Home for Wayward Girls fame) is extremely covetous of these fabled items, and would give much in exchange for ownership of them.

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