Wednesday, February 23, 2011

LotFP Spell Contest Results

Earlier in the week, Mr. Raggi announced a most excellent contest in order to get a new 1st-level magic-user spell to fill out the spell list in his upcoming LotFP: Grindhouse Edition Boxed Set. I submitted two entries, and didn't win, but they are included in the free PDF he posted of all the submissions. Here is the announcement of the winner, which includes the downloadable PDF. Congratulations to Daniel on producing a most excellent spell!

The two entries I take credit for are Incontinence and Transphonia. I thought them to be unique, clever, well-balanced, and more useful in a tavern than in a battle, which is how I prefer my spells. However, two other submissions - Finger of Flatulence and Voice Swap - were very similar to mine. Nonetheless, it was a good exercise and I'm glad I participated.

I particularly liked Visible Man, as I was just giving some thought to how to give a fighter a taunt effect, similar to that in the video game which stole a few years of my life, but without making it obvious I was using ideas from a video game, and this seems to fit the bill perfectly.

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