Friday, March 4, 2011

Disco Monster Adventures

After reading the post about disco monsters over at A Paladin in Citadel, I got to thinking it would be fun to make a disco monster adventure. I figured this would be a good source of inspiration:

Edit: Another contribution from Talysman, which has a distinct advantage in being 45s long instead of 10m:


  1. Since Tony Harrison is such an excellent DJ, certainly you should include him as well?

  2. Man, that was disturbing, but hilarious!

  3. @Paladin: a good description of a lot of Mighty Boosh stuff.

    Coincidentally, I was thinking about the Mighty Boosh today, and also The IT Crowd, which includes Noel Fielding (Old Gregg/Tony Harrison) as a goth computer nerd in a couple episodes. And, of course, Richard Ayoade as Moss, who plays the shaman Saboo in the Tony Harrison clip.

    Those guys are hilarious.