Sunday, July 10, 2011

DCC Monster Helper

I recently came across some very useful info in the 3.5 SRD which I had not previously been aware of. Basically it's a set of guidelines that can be used along with table 3-1 in the 3.5 PHB to calculate all (or at least most of) the stuff you'd need to run a monster from a pre-3E D&D monster book in a DCC game. I put all the pertinent info together in a 1-page document that can be used for quick reference at the table. All you need to know is the monster's type and it's hit dice.

The document can be found here: DCC Monster Quick-Stats

Note: I haven't play-tested this method, but hopefully I'll get the chance to test it out in our next game this Saturday. On paper it looks reasonable.

So bust out your MMII or your Fiend Folio and have a good time!

P.S. - I also have a few "new" DCC spells linked on my DCC resources page. They are just ports of basic spells, so they don't really deserve their own post, but if you're interested, you can click the DCC RPG Resources link at the top of the page.


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