Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sample Monster Entry

I'm working on compiling all the monsters from Labyrinth Lord, the Advanced Edition Companion, and Mutant Future into one volume and filling in the necessary info to use it for DCC. Here is the entry format I came up with:

Does this look usable? Did I miss anything? Dan did a really great job compiling the info, and gave me the best starting point. Plus there is the added benefit of having the weird stuff from Mutant Future in an almost identical format.

I left in some of the B/X-isms, such as the format of the movement speed and morale score. I intend to use B/X morale rules anyways, rather than the Will save rule suggested in the beta rules.Anyways, if you have any other suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them!


  1. This looks solid to me. Nice work! Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  2. Very good. I'd only suggest that you get rid of as many abbreviations as you can in the name of clarity. "Init" and "No. Enc" at least. Probably the size categories. Ref, fort and will (if the layout can work around the full names) would be good for those of us who've come across to DCC from B/x or AD&D.

  3. I lost steam after doing the A's and B's. It's godawful boring work! Hopefully I can work up the motivation to proceed.

  4. You might want to consider putting all the combat related things on the left side, and the other stuff on the right. Just for ease of use. Aside from that, I like it!


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