Monday, August 15, 2011

Adventures in Outland: Marathon Session

So I'm all set up to run a game at Lake Geneva Games on Saturday, August 27th from Noon to 10:00pm.

click for a nice big legible version

The adventure is set up for beginning characters using B/X rules. If you own a copy of Labyrinth Lord, you may use that if you'd like. The store should also have a few copies of Labyrinth Lord available, so if you are planning on buying it, support this excellent game space by buying it from the store!

This game tries not to take itself too seriously, and may or may not feature the following:
draculas, space aliens, lawful werebears, nunchucks, laser guns, dinosaurs, purple cows, dick and fart jokes, beautiful amazons, bar fights, ninjas, unlabeled potions, barsoomian harnesses, chocobos, and so forth.

This game is also FLAILSNAILS compatible, so if you'd like to bring in an existing PC under those edicts, just email me at least a few days ahead of time with your character info and we'll get it worked out.

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