Friday, January 20, 2012

d100 Followers! (Valis, please stand up)

The other day, I hit 100 followers. While by no means huge, it's respectable given the very niche subject matter of this blog, and my casual approach to writing stuff on here. I just do it for fun when the mood strikes me.

In order to celebrate and say "thank you", I had my wife roll a d100, which came up 51, and pointed to "Valis" in the list of followers. So Valis, please stand up and claim your gift, which is a self-printed copy of Swords & Wizardry White Box (4 booklets). You know, the last one Brave Halfling did right before they decided to dump S&W about a year ago? It's very DIY, which is very en vogue at the moment, so you will become cooler just by possessing it.

Just email me your address, and I'll get it sent off. If it is not claimed by 11:59PM CST on Thursday, January 26th, I will choose another winner.

If I was super-rich, I'd send cool stuff to all you guys. Thanks to all of you who read this thing and contribute with comments, and here's to hoping for a long and prosperous future of many more nerdy discussions!


  1. Is that Hulk Hogan? 'Cause I think that just made this occasion even more awesome.

  2. That's me - I'm -C from Hack & Slash. I'll e-mail the address when I get home from work later.

  3. Cool. If you have trouble finding my email address, you can just email me from my Google+ page.


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