Thursday, January 12, 2012

Outland Session 4 (Google+)

Last night this past Monday marked the 4th recorded adventure to take place in the fantastical world of Outland. The following dungeon-delving crazies participated:
  • Doc Sampson the alchemist, Ozzy Sweetleaf the goblin glassblower/astrologer, John Plisskin the carpenter, and Hell Zelazny the tanner (run by the illustrious Kyrinn)
  • Donnal McDonnal the fighter, and his buddy Stanislov (run by Jeff, the mad genius of gaming)
  • Blixa the thief, and his man's best friend AbeLincolnVampireHunter (run by ZakHitsItWithHisAxe)
  • Scarecrow Hooker the Tengu thief, and his dwarf helper Barkbeard Woodsack (run by my homie Steve)
They ventured into the mysterious "Cave Epsilon", circumvented some puzzling traps, and got some sweet treasure and a floating psionic lizard companion.

Scarecrow Hooker, despite having half his face blown up by a radioactive lightning bug, managed to produce this map:

As always, it's accuracy is questionable at best.

See Donnal's report here. He got 200 bonus XP for it!

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